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Artist Bio

A little about me ...

   Hello! I am Brooke Hardy and I am a passionate female artist hailing from Ontario, but currently creating in the beautiful province of Newfoundland. My artistic journey began at a young age. With a lifelong devotion to creativity, I found solace and expression through drawing, painting, and exploring various creative avenues. Growing up, I immersed myself in the creative world as much as possible, classes, contests, gallery showings at school, and always walking around with a sketch book or paper to draw on, truly embodying an artist's spirit.

   For me, art is a sanctuary where I can articulate my perceptions of the world and the enchantment I find in its natural wonders. I feel a deep connection to nature and a love for the mystical energy it holds. I like my work to evoke a sense of magic and soulfulness. Inspired by the beauty surrounding me, I tend to create paintings that capture the essence of my childhood wonder while also reflecting on my journey through adulthood. Art has healed me in so many ways and is constantly helping me navigate this life.

   As I have grown, my focus shifted towards nature-inspired themes, but also other aspects of life that spark a light of inspiration and freedom within. I have a deep love for colours and enjoy blending different hues to evoke emotion and captivate the imagination. I like to think there is more to life beyond what we see right in front of us, that there is magic in everything. My pieces resonate with a blend of mysticism and personal introspection, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in an enchanting world of what could be or what is truly inside them.

   My artistic endeavours extend beyond my studio walls, as I actively participate in exhibitions and local markets. My ultimate goal is to share the joy, freedom and magic I experience through art with audiences worldwide, enriching lives and sparking a sense of wonder in all who encounter my work. And maybe awaken something inside that was lost or just put away for a little while.

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